Blue (Riptide 41)

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Blue is our second Riptide project from the Bieker Boats design firm. The boat is a 41' water-ballasted, high-performance "gentleman's racer" built with the latest carbon-composite materials. Designed to be sailed short-handed with a crew of 6-8, and it has comfortable accommodations for a full crew. On its first shakedown sail, Blue recorded a top speed of 22.8 knots!

For more information on the boat and its mission to promote access to healthy potable water see
Blue H20 and the Blue Blog.
Blue was featured in the May 2013 issue of Seahorse Magazine (Total Design).
Principal Characteristics:
LOA: 12.5 m
LWL: 12.1 m
Beam Overall: 4 m
Beam at DWL: 3.06 m
Draft: 3.05 m
Displ., (lightship): 3937 kg
Fixed Ballast: 1907 kg
Water Ballast (per side): 850 kg
Mast Height above DWL: 20.53 m
Mainsail Area: 70 sq m
Jib Area: 51 sq m
Displ/length ratio: 63
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